M.AD Students Are Grand Winners at 2020 NYX Marcom Awards

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2020 ended with a bang: on December 31, the NYX Marcom Awards announced their big winners.

Among those celebrating? 4 Miami Ad School students from across the globe, recognized as Grand Winners for their fantastic project, GANG For Good.

Watch the video here:

The creative team featured some all-star talent. Art Direction students Ted Pedro and Lee I, along with Copywriters Refaat Rico and Hatem El Akad.

Now those are some names you might already be familiar with. And if you aren’t already…be prepared to hear them going forward.

Here’s how the team described their project:

“Over 10,000 women in the UK are in gangs, specifically those aged 10-24. If you get recruited or pressured into a gang, it\\\’s hard and life threatening to get out. Nike introduces GANG for Good, the good gang that helps women avoid bad ones. A community of loving, supportive and encouraging women that run for a better future, so they could eventually run London. Our Integrated Campaign Consists Of 3 Executions: Our Invitation: To reach women safely, we disguised our invitation in the products all women purchase regularly: feminine hygiene products. Hidden inside of it is a code that redirects them to the Nike+ app. Our Free GANG For Good Shoes: Once in the Nike+ app and they register, they will receive their free GANG For Good Shoes so they could identify each other, run free together, forever and run London. The GANG For Good Extension For The Nike+ App: A new feature and extension to the already existing Nike+ App to direct GANG For Good with alerts, updates and directions on the areas that should be avoided, with the option to call the police through a secret word if needed.

About The NYX Awards

The NYX Awards program is all about bringing attention to today’s top communications professionals.

Each year, winning entries are impartially chosen by a panel of judges from around the world (in 2020, judges hailed from 16 different nations). It’s a diverse group, and the power of that diversity is on display in the chosen winning entries.

That’s not all. As NYX says, “NYX entries are ranked via blind judging in accordance to industry-best standards. Entries will be evaluated based on the creative proficiency and the messages behind each visual concept. Winners will then be selected based on their ability to meet competition criteria.”

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