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Portfolio Programs

Duration: 2 years

In two years (including up to a whole year of real-world internships) you’ll get practical experience working on real client projects and develop an extensive network of industry contacts. 

The goal of it all is to create a jaw-dropping portfolio that will secure you the freedom to choose any job under the sun.

Boot Camps

Duration: 12 weeks

You could study a language for years in textbooks…but you’ll learn more in just a week speaking to real people. A three-month M.AD boot camp follows the same logic: it’s all about full immersion. 

In just 12 weeks, you’ll develop the skills, experience, and network you need. Just ask our happy grads.

Art Direction

Our Art Direction programs are designed and run by industry professionals. They’ve been on the set of big name commercials and managed nationwide-campaigns. As a result, the programs are structured around the hands-on learning you need to make Art Direction your career.


The copywriting portfolio program at M.AD is the most intensive and immersive copywriting experience a future professional can undertake. For two-years, your focus will be on developing your skills through hands-on practice and building an impressive portfolio that showcases your unique creative sensibilities.

You’ll get practical experience with real client projects and have countless opportunities to study and intern all over the world.

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