20 Things You May Not Know About Being a Copywriter

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A typical day in the life of a copywriter? Forget it. One day you’re a poet, the next day a songwriter or a soldering specialist. The next a sommelier…

Soham mastering the art of the office selfie and spending quality time with two of his favorite CLIOs.

Soham mastering the art of the office selfie and spending quality time with two of his favorite CLIOs.

When Soham Chatterjee graduated from Miami Ad School’s Copywriting Program, he had job offers from four top advertising agencies in New York and Chicago. After exploring his options, Soham decided to join Leo Burnett. Now he stays busy creating big ideas—including TV commercials, print ads, art installations, digital campaigns and radio spots—for Brooks Shoes, Donate Life America, Fifth Third Bank, Samsung, Human Rights Foundation, Miller High Life and McDonalds. When asked what it’s really like to be a copywriter, Soham sent us this list.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, copywriters don’t copyright stuff. They come up with groundbreaking ideas and craft them with words.
  2. As a copywriter, you’ll need your own space to ideate. So think beaches, rooftop bars, gymnasiums and ant farms. You won’t be tied down to a cubicle.
  3. Want to visit an exotic location? Include it in your TV script. If it sells, you get to go there.
  4. At work you’ll get to master Ping-Pong. And beer pong. Anything that includes the word “pong.”
  5. Copywriters work alongside technologists, strategists, photographers, filmmakers and—in some cases—even astronauts. You’ll work with some of the best professionals in their fields to bring your ideas to life.
  6. As a copywriter, you get to take on more than a single role. You are a writer, poet, songwriter, storyteller, screenwriter, inventor, scientist, researcher, carpenter, soldering specialist, sommelier, graffiti artist, photographer, art director, designer, singer, dancer, drinker, thinker, pickup line specialist, novelist, teacher, doctor, nutritionist and anything else you can think of. It’s never the “same-old, same-old.”
  7. Did I mention agency Thanksgiving parties? And Christmas parties? And “we-won-the-pitch” parties? Parties in general.
  8. You’ll win awards and go to those award shows. But mostly, you’ll be proud to see how much people appreciate your work and be motivated to do better.
  9. You’ll be good at helping close friends write their wedding vows with tear-jerking jargon and successfully sell funky pendulum clocks on Craigslist with hilarious headlines.
  10. Copywriters don’t get judged for word-dropping, but copywriters will judge others for using short forms on social media. So write “right,” not “ryt.”
  11. You’ll decide whether you want a mechanical bear or to cast a real grizzly for a shoot.
  12. Copywriters, if lucky, will get to make stuff. Literally. For a recent project we picked up hammers and soldering tools and made an art installation all by ourselves.
  13. You’ll give back to the industry by judging award shows, reviewing portfolios of upcoming talent and mentoring potential creatives.
  14. You’ll attend long meetings at times but will be fed lip-smacking delicacies.
  15. As a copywriter, sometimes you’ll get to present your idea in front of the client. Keeping a hip flask of tequila handy may help to keep the jitters at bay.
  16. However, friends don’t let friends present drunk. And neither will your creative director.
  17. You’ll create world-changing ideas that can bring down tyrant dictators with minuscule flash drives filled with bootleg episodes of Friends or save animals on the brink of extinction with a simple eraser.
  18. There’s no dress code, so wearing patterned bowties over patterned button-downs with patterned shorts will be totally acceptable.
  19. Whether you are an intern or a senior writer, you’ll get your chance to work alongside some of the great stalwarts of advertising.
  20. You’ll watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

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