What Do You Do When You’re a Planner in Need of Inspiration?

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If you’re Marco, You go to miami ad school’s boot camp for account planning for a “plannatical.”

German account planner Marco Ruckenbrod already had a great job, as a planner at Saatchi & Saatchi. But, like many forward-thinkers, he had to do something to push himself further—to challenge his own status quo.

As Marco puts it, “For me, Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning is a kind of ‘planner sabbatical,’ a way to challenge my current state of mind and get new inspiration.”

Marco decided to share his experiences and inspirations during the boot camp on his Tumblr at plannatical.com. It’s great reading, not only for current or aspiring account planners, but for anyone looking to shake up their own set of preconceived notions.

Posts on Plannatical are called “Catch of the Day #___” and provide a single takeaway from a given 24-our period. Here’s number 20 in the series:

Today, I’d like to share the following very simple but quite exciting thought:


brands WITH purpose


brands OF purpose.

Well, it’s only one single word changed but this means a lot. It’s an entirely different perspective on how brands should deal with their purpose thinking. Thanks again to our instructor Scott Matyus-Flynn, Head of Strategy at The Republic Of Everyone. This is smart. See the difference?


Then there is this gem, from “Catch of the Day #05”

“It’s the first school on earth that creates the global creative person, fresh, open, reaching for the stars, breaking through the tyranny of the average, aiming for setting new standards.”

Michael Conrad, President at Berlin School of Creative Leadership and former Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide

Whether you’re already a planner (or an account service, media, research or creative professional) or you’re just getting your career started, the Bootcamp for Account Planning is a great place to bring your naturally intuitive mind and willingness to work hard for 12 of the most fulfilling, career-altering weeks of your life.

Our next boot camp in San Francisco starts on April 4th. The application deadline of February 29th is growing ever closer. Apply to Miami Ad School San Francisco’s Boot Camp for Account Planners now!

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