Five principles you need to learn about Social Media.

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We asked, and what they have to say, besides being enlightening, might even surprise you.

Imran Khan, Creative Agency Lead at Google, Abigail Bock, Brand Strategist at Tumblr and Carlos Roncajolo, Global Social Media Manager at TAG Heuer Eyewear.

1. Understand the motivation for behavior. 

” My students are most floored around some of the insights I share around the WHY of social behavior. The why of sharing, commenting, liking, etc. If my students understand the motivation for a behavior they are armed with the knowledge to tackle marketing challenges for their clients. – Imran Khan, Creative Agency Lead at Google and Instructor at Miami Ad School New York.

2. Be the gear not the cog in the system.  

“I teach my students to be strong, to stand out, and to make sure they do things differently. If not they will just become another cog in the system. They need to be the gear, not the cog. I take it upon myself to ensure that my students are the best equipped out there to make them better prospects for job placements but it goes further than that. I’ve experienced a lot in my years in the industry, tremendous ups and catastrophic lows. That experience is exactly what I pass on.” – Carlos Roncajolo, Global Social Media Manager, TAG Heuer Eyewear and Miami Ad School instructor.

3. Get industry insiders to get you inside the industry!  

The Bootcamp for Social Media is an opportunity for students from all walks of life to gain insider information into the largest global social media platforms. These are best-practices, insights, and data that are usually only shared with the industry insiders and advertisers on those platforms. – Abigail Bock, Brand Strategist, Tumblr and Instructor at Miami Ad School New York.          

4. The most career opportunities in Social Media are in a burgeoning area of growth at PR companies.  

PR companies that have earmarked themselves as social media experts are starting to win a considerable chunk of social business for big brands. – Imran Khan, Creative Agency Lead at Google and Instructor at Miami Ad School New York.

5. The best careers in Social are, geographically speaking, everywhere.                                                               

There are many smaller businesses hiring social media talent and they are some of the best places to hone your skills before making the jump to a larger company or an agency. Agencies that attract the top talent are normally situated in the large metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Government social media talent goes to Washington DC for obvious reasons but Boston and Miami are also on the rise. Miami has tremendous LATAM opportunities available. – Carlos Roncajolo, Global Social Meida Manager, TAG Heuer Eyewear and Miami Ad School instructor.

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